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Five Ways Gift Cards Are Used For Business Branding

Business branding is never a one-time effort where companies can hire the services of top-notch marketing professionals, and stop with creating a sensational hype about their business offer. Although most branding exercises start off with a promotional launch, building and sustaining a brand is definitely a continuous effort - not just limited to advertising or marketing strategies. Gift cards, of late, have captured the attention of many businesses and customers alike, proving mutually beneficial in several respects. Gift cards have also proven quite cost-effective, given the fact that not all of them are used.
Drawing attention to a brand name in different ways and reminding customers, both potential and existing, of the presence of a trusted brand in every possible manner - product offerings, rewards, customer service, etc. - is the key to successful branding. With the brand name logo and/or a concise market message printed prominently on the cards, gift cards can be introduced as an incentive, along with several customer- and client-facing initiatives to build a brand.
Let's take a look at five ways gift cards can be used for business branding:

1. Reward Customer Following

Gift Cards for BrandingRewarding loyal customers - both regular and special accounts - is an integral part of business promotions. Prepaid gift cards with the brand image make ideal gifts for loyal customers. Rewarding schemes and value of the cards can, of course, vary based on the value of purchase, loyalty, new product launches, seasonal gifts, referrals, etc. The key here is that the customer is constantly reminded of the brand, with the prepaid card in his or her wallet.

2. Incentivize Promotions

Large-scale promotional events, such as trade fairs and industry gatherings, are ideal for customer interactions. Exclusive cards for use at such events make for ideal corporate gifts, to go along with the other interest-evincing promotional materials offered to visitors. It is likely that gift cards are either used or passed on to friends or relatives, automatically creating awareness about the brand.

3. Build Employee Loyalty

Marketing activities originate right at the workplace. Businesses must first be able to convince employees about their business offerings, and how they can address the demands of a consumer. A loyal workforce that trusts its employer is in itself a powerful marketing channel. Gift cards to reward employee performance and loyalty not only serve to boost the morale of the workplace, but also helps build a positive brand image, which is eventually passed on via word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Market Gift Cards

Various Gift Card DesignesPrepaid gifts cards from select brands are, in fact, a preferred gifting option. People tend to purchase gift cards instead of other traditional gifts, as it avoids the embarrassment of landing up with unwanted gifts or more of the same gifts. Gift wrapping gift cards and showcasing them right next to the exit counter in shops with high footfalls, is bound to draw more attention. Using occasional 'buy-one-get-one' offers, businesses are likely to expand their reach to new customers, if the buyer chooses to pass on the additional card to a friend or relative.

5. Prizes for Competitions

Regular competitions, raffles, charity shows, etc. do regularly look for sponsors who usually fund the prizes offered at such events. Offering gift cards of different values to winners at such competitions get people to notice the brand and its offerings. This is an ideal way to build curiosity among the public, as such events and the prizes on offer are themselves quite widely advertised.

Marketing gift cards explicitly, incentivizing purchases, or simply distributing them for free will work to build the brand, only if the cards carry a visual reminder of the company label. The range and quality of the business offerings and customer service should also fall in line to sustain a brand image.


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