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CR80 Credit Card Size: 3.375" x 2.125"

Plastic Gift Cards

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Plastic Card Printing

Printing plastic card for gift, loyalty and promotional uses can be a vital tool in promoting a business. To get the most out of this marketing tool there are various considerations to take into account when deciding on the printing parameters. The print design on the front is the attention getter, finding out what your target audience will appreciate and respond to is vital. The back print is mostly informative and is usually printed in black. It could include the establishment's address, additional promotional text, a disclaimer and tracking information in the form of barcodes, magnetic stripes and/or numbering.

Custom designed plastic cards are the key to your success. In most cases you are a merchant and not a graphic artist so designing cards is not your forte. Plastic card City will fill the void by offering you top professional design services with all the knowledge needed for printing gift cards, or any type of promotional cards, and marketing your establishment.

Gift card tracking is an important issue when starting a program. First you must decide what system you will use. The simplest is to manage the cards with an Excel sheet, this is time consuming and will work only with a small number of cards. The next method is to use a program you might already have in your POS terminal. To use it you must contact the POS vendor and find out how the tracking works. Does it use a barcode or magnetic stripe reader and how are the numbers generated. You can also purchase a computer-based system that you need to install. Last is to use the Plastic card City online tracking system. It is the simplest system available, takes only 5 minutes to learn. Works with barcodes, magnetic stripes or just manual number input. In addition it is one of the most cost effective systems available.
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