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Savvy Marketing Strategies To Attract And Retain Customers

Customers are truly what makes a business. Not only do they bring in money, but they also spread the word to help keep a business afloat. Attracting customers and maintaining their business has never been more important for businesses. For many customers money is tight. For businesses, the competition is fierce. Companies have to be a cut above the competition to be noticed by potential customers and to keep them coming back for more. Whether you offer a product or service to individuals or other companies, there are many strategies you can use to attract business and keep customers loyal to you. Many of these steps are small, but mean a lot to those with whom you do business. Try the following savvy marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

A Personal Touch

Everyone likes to feel important and remembered; this includes your customers and clients.  It may seem unimportant, but adding a personal touch to your interactions can give you an edge over your competitors.  Always address your customers by name.  This includes verbal interactions, as well as email or written communications.  Clients want to know that you remember them and know how they are.  Some companies even go so far to keep a small file or notes on specific details about the customer.  When interacting with a specific client, if you know his son had a baseball tournament last week, ask him how it went.  If you know a client's mother had surgery last week, as her how she is doing.  You can also keep track of your customer's birthdays and remember them by offering a birthday special, or simply sending a card or expressing your wishes to them verbally.  All of these small steps let your customers know that you care about more than just your bottom dollar; you care about them as people.

Use Social Media and the Internet

If you are not already using social media and the Internet to market your company and interact with clients, you are more than just a step behind your competitors.  In order to survive in today's business market, it is imperative that you learn how to use these tools to your advantage.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube for free advertising and interacting with future and current customers.  Large and small businesses are using these social media outlets to introduce new products or services, offer specials, spread the word about sales, and find out more about what their clients want and need.  Using an email newsletter once or twice a month is another way to use the Internet to your advantage and spread news about your business and any new happenings. 

Loyalty Rewards

Rewarding loyal clients not only helps you to keep them, but it also can help you to add to your client base as well.  Depending on the product or service you offer, consider using some type of loyalty rewards program.  You could offer a percentage off for return clients, or even a free item.  Everyone likes to get something free or at a discounted rate, especially if they know they earned it by being a loyal customer.  This means happy customers who are more likely to recommend your business or service to other potential clients.  Offering even a small discount or free item can have a large impact on your future profit potential.

No matter what type of business you have, attracting new customers and keeping current customers loyal should be your top priority.  Without ways to reach out to potential new clients, your business will never grow.  Without ways to keep your current customers happy and coming back to your business, your business will sink.  Using these savvy marketing strategies to attract and retain customers is a sure fire way to keep your business growing.  Keeping your business personal, using social media and rewarding loyal customers are all ways to accomplish both the goal of keeping current clients and attracting new ones.

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