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Plastic Postcard Mailers

for Retail Store Openings!

  • Detachable Cards and/or Key Tags
  • Over 30 different card sizes and card/key tag configurations available
  • Durable 30 mil Plastic Laminate Composite
  • Variable Data Imaging, Addressing and Barcoding
  • High Quality Digital Printing
  • Database Development
  • Complete Mailing and Fulfillment Services
  • Carrier Zip Sorting
  • Quantities from 1,000 to 1 million +

Grand opening events can jump-start a new retail business. To do so in today’s competitive market a new store has to make a distinct impression in its surrounding area. Efforts must be targeted to attract local consumers' attention and bring the locals into the store for the first time.

Plastic Post Card Mailers can highlight a grand opening in way that makes the event irresistible to the target market.

Whether the business is big or small, Post Card Mailers used for new store openings and in-store promotions give a new retail store an early-stage boost.

Mailers with pop out gift cards can promote a grand opening with promotions and giveaways. Offers could vary from price discounts to customer loyalty programs and other give away scenarios. This extra value promotes the retail business and helps it to compete not only with other retailers but with big box stores as well.

The more times people see and read your Plastic Card Mailers the more likely they are to talk about your new store with friends and family and to come in for a visit.

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