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Five Types Of Promotional Artwork Used On Gift Cards

When it comes to plastic gift cards, the artwork on the card itself is incredibly important. It should help to increase the brand awareness that the company seeks to create within the general public, it should tell the person who is buying or using the card exactly what the card can do for them, and it should make the offer - the amount of money on the card - clear at a glance. Successful artwork is going to address all of these different aspects at once, making the cards attractive and functional, and, therefore, helping to increase sales. Here are five types of promotional artwork used on gift cards.

1. Logos and direct branding.

The most common artwork is directly connected to the brand. The company will put their company colors into the background, the border and the text. They will use their logo as the main image that draws the eye. This is often done by companies that already have strong branding since they know that their clientele will instantly recognize their colors and their logo.

2. Eye-catching designs.

Smaller companies often focus on things that catch the eye, trying to draw attention away from the big brands. A studio that offers guitar lessons might have a bright background and an illustration of a guitar. They know that their logo is not well-known enough to get attention, so they go right to the point of their products and services. Bright colors - red, yellow and orange - are used so that people will initially look at the cards if they are being sold in a display with many others.

3. Artwork that subtly sets the brand.

The next type of artwork that you will find is that which subtly works to portray the company's brand. For example, if the gift card is for a skydiving company, the background could simply be clouds or perhaps a close-up view of a parachute's canvas. This fits the theme that the company wants to create, showing the freedom and excitement of skydiving, but it is deliberately kept general so that it just addresses these broad aspects.

4. Offer-specific artwork.

Of course, all gift cards need to have different types of artwork, and referring to the offer that the card provides is a good way to get interest. First and foremost, this tells the person buying the card exactly what it is worth. It should also drum up interest from the person who receives the card. If there are any special offers - such as 20 percent off when using the card - those should be prominently displayed.

5. Artwork that leads to specific sales.

Finally, some businesses will use the artwork to push certain sales, knowing what people like the most. A gift card to a bookstore may have the covers of popular books being used as the background. A gift card to a pizza shop will almost undoubtedly feature a few slices of pizza. The idea with these is to get someone to look at the card and realize how much they want whatever is depicted in the artwork. This helps to create a conversion. It is especially useful on gift cards for small amounts since people may have to pay more than is actually on the card for the items that it has caused them to desire.

Designing Unique Cards

If you are going to be designing cards, it is important that they are unique. Every business is different, and your card should match your company and your brand. Incorporating the artwork and other elements listed above, however, is sure to make the gift card a success.


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