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Plastic Fundraising Cards

Launching successful fundraising projects with custom cards. Everything you need to create a stress-free, low-cost, and successful campaign.

Fundraising campaigns are a proven method when you need to raise cash for various groups, like:

Local merchants love fundraising campaigns. Merchants enjoy free advertising and an increase in sales as well as recognition in the community for there involvement.

Well-designed and quality printed plastic fundraising cards with attractive offers from your local merchants are the keys to your success.  Creating the campaign elements and managing it are easily done with instructions that you can get from us. Our friendly staff will help you with detailed instructions and artwork design services to make your campaign a success.

Realize how your campaign makes money.

The most important principal in making money from a fundraising campaign is to reduce your costs. Plastic Card City is not a fundraising company, we only charge our customers for printing and shipping cards, and we do that at a very competitive price. In addition we offer our customers free information on what they need to do when collected the offers and information needed to be put on the cards. We also do the card design if our customers do not have the ability. The bottom line is that your cards will cost you less than a dollar each to make, in some cases even less than fifty cents and if you sell them for ten or twenty dollars each your profit is 90% or better.

Card design and optional card types.

The main element on your fundraising card will be the offers. The amount of offers will determine the way they are displayed; most offers are displayed on the back of the card. If you have 12 to 16 offers they can be displayed in boxes with the merchant’s logo. If you need to display more than 16 the offers will be in a text-only list. If you are ordering cards with key tags you can use the key tags for single or multiple offers in addition to the card offers or you can use the key tags as one-time offers that require the user to give the key tag to the merchant. Merchants like this possibility because it allows them to track the effectiveness of their offer. Putting an offer on the key tag also makes the front of the card more impressive, which helps your efforts to sell the cards.

The most important element on the front of the card will be the organization or group that the card is raising funds for. You can use a logo with text, a photograph or any combination. When a card is used for a sports team putting the teams season schedule on the card is very effective, it adds another use for the card. Great looking cards with good offers and usefulness will enhance the sell ability of your cards and increase your profits.

Don’t forget to include an expiration date.

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