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Rewards, Loyalty and Gift Card Programs for the iPad

Affordable, Fast setup, Easy to Use, No Contracts, No Swipe Fees


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$349.00 Starter Programs Include:
  • 1 Bluetooth Bar code Scanner
  • 100 x Custom plastic printed cards
    or 300 x custom plastic key tags
  • Design services (if needed)
  • Online card processing for 1 year
  • Additional years at $120 per year
  • Phone support
  • Transaction reports by selectable date range
  • Shipping not included

The Card City loyalty, rewards and gift card programs run on an Internet browser (Safari) not an App. This is an advantage for busy business owners and merchants because it eliminates the need for downloads when we implement updates and upgrades. It also lets you view reports and download customer lists on any computer, anytime, anywhere! (password protected).

Card City developers have been working with business owners to create a program that is simple and fast. It takes 5 minutes to learn the program and just as fast to teach your employees.

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Features & Benefits:

In the recent years our sales and development departments have been receiving numerous requests for an iPad version of our popular on-line loyalty, rewards and gift card tracking system. With the availability of a low priced bar code scanner that would work with the iPad and our program we decided to make the program available to iPad users.

With Card City's loyalty, rewards and gift card programs for the iPad you can:

Greet your loyal customers by name! Create a database of your customers for mail and email campaigns. The program gives you the option to initialize a card or key tag with your customer's information or without. If you selected without you still have the option to add or change the information later. When scanning a customer's card/key tag the customer's information appears on the screen.

Find lost cards. If a card is lost you can search for the card data by customers name, email or phone number. Enter part of a name is enough to get a list of all customers with the letters you typed. Now you can issue a new card and reenter the current amount the customer had on the lost card.

See activity history. After a card/key tag is scanned you can view or print the complete history of all the transactions the customer had. Including date, time, transaction amounts and totals.

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Making more money is every business owner's prime objective. Large and medium retail outlets have found that by implementing a loyalty rewards program and offering gift cards they have been able to successfully increase sales and their customer base resulting in an increase their revenue, the prime objective. Until recently small merchants have not been able to take advantage of these marketing tools mainly because of the costs to produce cards and track the transactions. Most programs were offered by processors as an addition to credit card processing on terminals and POS systems. As a secondary item most processors outsourced the card printing and in some cases the entire system resulting in high pricing. Card City is not a processor, we are card printers and software developers. Our only objective is to offer a usable solution for the best price.

Scan bar codes from cards or key tags to the iPad has never been easier with a very affordable wireless scanner from Teemi -  the Teemi scanner connects to your  iPad via Bluetooth.

One of the great things about today’s technology is that it is available to everybody. That's what our programs are all about. Experience and research have shown us that the best way to increase your traffic and profits is by cultivating and retaining your current customers.