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Five Benefits of Adopting Loyalty and Rewards Programs

An increasing number of businesses are adopting loyalty and rewards programs because they are an effective way to attract ongoing customers. People are more likely to purchase from a retailer who offers them more for their money. Loyalty and rewards programs are also an excellent way to build relationships with other businesses. Consider the five benefits of adopting a unique loyalty and rewards program for your small or large enterprise.

1. Attract New Customers

The current marketplace is more competitive than ever. It often takes more than a great product or service to attract new customers. Unless you are offering something innovative or different, you have to find a way to stand out from competitors. A loyalty and rewards program is an incentive for customers to try out your business. They can purchase the same items from another company but won't get the benefit of earning rewards points that can be cashed in. Reward programs should be easy to understand and offer appealing incentives. Consider special discounts, loyalty offers and points that can be redeemed for gift cards and more. These types of offers are a way to differentiate your business from others offering similar goods or services. Well-planned loyalty and rewards card programs can help to seal the deal with new customers instead of watching them buy from the competition.

2. Maintain an Ongoing Relationship with Current Customers

A constant stream of advertising barrages the average customer. They see ads on the Internet and television. Customers receive email marketing messages and direct mail marketing. There are even ads on mobile devices. With all these choices, it can become difficult to maintain the customers you have. Adding a personal touch makes a big difference. Consider a tiered loyalty and rewards program to give more to the customers who spend more. People want to feel appreciated, especially if they choose your business over your competitors. Other businesses will try to lure your customers into buying from them. When your customers know the rewards will grow if they stay with your company, they are sure to return for more. This builds an ongoing relationship with your customers and encourages them to be loyal to your business. Both of you benefit from this arrangement.

3. Create Relationships with Other Businesses

Many companies decide to issue their own rewards cards and loyalty programs. Others see the potential to create relationships with other businesses. You might decide to try to create a liaison with a business in a similar field that complements your offerings. For example, a furniture store might create a joint rewards program with a retailer specializing in home accessories and d├ęcor. People will go to both stores to earn the most rewards points and each retailer benefits from working together. Neighborhood loyalty programs are a fantastic way to encourage people to shop locally. Mom and pop shops are taking a hit and need to find methods to attract customers into their stores. Consider working with several area merchants to offer loyalty rewards for shopping in a certain town or village. Multiple retailers benefit from this arrangement and people get more without traveling long distances. Creating relationships with other businesses encourages positive word-of-mouth advertising, which is often priceless. People prefer to buy from businesses they trust.


4. Brand Your Business

Shoppers tend to purchase from a business they recognize. Just seeing a certain logo can encourage people to buy something. For example, when you see a fast food sign you suddenly feel hungry. You slow down your car and decide to buy a sandwich. This business has branded itself and knows how to display its logo to get people to want something. There are many ways to brand your business. It starts by using a simple name people can remember. A certain font is always used when you imprint your name on business cards, gift cards and rewards cards. You add a distinctive logo that relates to your name or line of work. These symbols became embedded in a customer's memory if they are displayed frequently. When a customer has a rewards card in his or her wallet, they constantly see your company name and logo. It might remind them to check on your current sales or drop by the store when they are in the area. It is more difficult to forget your company when a customer is carrying a loyalty or rewards card. This brands your business and makes it more relevant to card-holding customers.

5. Loyalty and Rewards Programs are Easy to Set Up

Often businesses hesitate to establish a loyalty and rewards program because they are concerned about it becoming a hassle. Loyalty and rewards programs are actually quite easy to set up and implement. It can start with a simple program that offers a discount or free item when a certain number or dollar amount of purchases is made. More complex rewards programs provide ongoing information about customer transactions, which is beneficial to your business as well as its customers. You can keep track of current sales and what items are most popular as well as when people buy most. Customers can monitor their spending and the purchases they have made. Loyalty programs can be designed for service providers as well as retailers. With a bit of creativity, you can develop a basic rewards program that keeps customers happy. For a minimal fee, create loyalty and rewards cards to give your program relevancy. Having a card ensures customers their purchases are being monitored so they are properly rewarded when the time comes to cash in.

All types of businesses are realizing the benefits of loyalty and rewards programs. Customers are more satisfied and loyal when they get the most for each dollar spent at a certain business. From salons to sporting goods stores, rewards programs attract new customers and keep old ones coming back for more. The process is simple and rewards cards help to brand your business. Make people remember your company and decide to buy from you more often by issuing loyalty and rewards cards to your customers.


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