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How to Use Fundraising Cards To Promote Your Cause

Schools, community organizations and special charities can use fund-raising cards to promote a cause. Printed cards are an excellent way to legitimize your campaign and encourage greater participation in church fundraisers and other events. Use a variety of eye-catching materials to boost donations to your cause including stickers, posters and printed fund-raising cards.

Brand Your Fund-raising Efforts

Fundraising CardPeople tend to give more generously to causes they recognize. Marketing your cause is essential to raise the funds you need for any purposes. Whether you want new uniforms for the local school team or updated facilities at a city hospital, people must know the face of your cause. Create a logo people can instantly relate to. Give your cause a name so people know what you are raising money for. Display posters bearing your mission statement and call to action in well-trafficked areas. Distribute special plastic cards for your cause. Offer support stickers to people who contribute to your fundraiser. All of these materials are seen by many people and help to brand your charitable cause.

Issue Fund-raising Discount Cards

Getting sponsors to support your cause also helps to spread the word. Sponsors will let their patrons know about your fund-raising efforts. Issue fund-raising discount cards to encourage people to shop at local restaurants and retailers that sponsor your cause. Buyers will get an ongoing discount as cardholders. Charge a nominal fee for the fund-raising card and let people know they will be saving money throughout the year at their favorite neighborhood venues. Sponsors can sell these cards to encourage people to return to their establishments. The proceeds can be donated to your cause. A merchant discount card practically sells itself because people save on purchases for months to come. Toward the end of the year, you can discount the cost of these fund-raising cards to continue to sell them.

Consider the Profits

Using fund-raising cards is a cost-effective way to raise money for your business. It costs very little to produce a customized plastic card bearing the name and logo of your charity or cause. You can sell these cards for $10, $20 or more based on the value of your sponsorships. For example, if people might save 15% at a popular local restaurant each time they dine out. This encourages them to purchase the card because they know the savings will add up to more than the cost of the card. Attract a variety of sponsors to make your fund-raising cards more desirable. Consider all types of local retailers including mechanics, take-out restaurants and hardware stores. Everyone is a viable candidate to support your cause, especially if they are a well-known merchant in your area.

Benefits for Retailers

Besides raising money for a good cause, retailers can be encouraged to support your fund-raising efforts because they will attract more customers. Certain people enjoy supporting local causes. They might not frequent certain neighborhood establishments. These potential customers will find out about more local businesses when they purchase fund-raising cards. This helps businesses in your area boost their profits and improve their image. These benefits can be priceless. Customers will realize these businesses are eager to help out a good cause. They will also be attracted to buy at the establishment because they are getting a discount. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved and your cause profits from it.

Spread the Word

Fund-raising cards are easy to display and distribute. They take up little room yet get a lot of attention. Display the cards at the venue of your cause. If you are raising funds for a sports team, the cards should be available at every office and meeting place in the school. You can encourage students to sell the cards to get various prizes. If they sell a certain number of cards, they can earn something fun or useful. Another idea is to have a raffle for everyone who sells a minimum number of fund-raising cards. A cash prize is always an incentive to sell more cards. Create a package for sponsors to display at their stores that includes a rack, fund-raising cards and a poster to draw attention to the cause. Bold printed materials help to spread the word about your fund-raising campaign.

Fund-Raising Cards are Durable and Portable

Paper products often get lost or destroyed. Plastic fund-raising cards are durable and portable. This means supporters will be able to use the card for months to come. It will not get damaged by rain or other elements. Fund-raising cards can be slipped into a wallet, handbag or pocket. Each time the person uses the fund-raising card, other people see it. This is a way to continue promoting your cause. Others will want to know how the cardholder got a discount on essential goods and services. This can get more people to support your cause and take advantage of the discounts provided through your fund-raising cards. Few people can resist the chance to save money and help a good cause at the same time.

Key Tag Cards Provide Added Value

Fundraising Card with Key TagsToday people are always on-the-go. Sometimes they leave the house with a set of keys and a credit card or cash in their pockets. They might not bring a handbag or wallet to run local errands. Printing plastic key tag cards to go with your fund-raising cards offers added value to your supporters. They can keep a card on their key rings to use anytime they are rushing to a neighborhood merchant. These key tag cards are also seen by many people and can further promote your fund-raising efforts.

Fund-raising can be a challenge, no matter how relevant the cause is. Honing your marketing techniques is the best way to raise funds and provide essential support to your chosen cause. Fund-raising cards and matching key tags are a savvy way to bring attention to your cause and encourage people to donate to it. It is also an excellent strategy to attract local businesses to support and promote your fund-raising efforts.


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