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Five Reasons People Prefer To Use Key Tag Cards

Key tags are small, handy, customizable and attractive pieces of promotional material that are bound to be noticed - whenever and wherever they are used. The tags serve as an effective marketing channel - only, of course, if people use them. The material used in the tags, their purpose, size and design are factors that can enhance the appeal, and help small businesses and entrepreneurs derive greater benefits from their marketing efforts. Key tags dispatched in sealed envelopes hardly ever get noticed, despite the best designs. How exactly they are offered to the customer also determine their effectiveness as a marketing tool.
Do key tags really help with business marketing? Here are five reasons people prefer to use key tag cards in their marketing efforts:

1. Cost-Effective

Key Tag TypesKey tags are definitely cost-effective, and can meet the requirements of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Custom designs digitally printed on small plastic cards are quite affordable, as it is easy to experiment with patterns and colors digitally before proceeding with printing them. Design services are often offered free of cost.

2. Mobile Billboards

Handy, attractive key tags are, in fact, miniature mobile billboards that have a wide reach. Customers across the country spread awareness about a product, service, or brand at a fraction of the costs involved in traditional marketing efforts. A neat design sporting the company logo and name is all that is needed to get the message across.

3. Collect Data

Key tags are, to some extent, personalized to collect data from customers. They sport loads of information on the reverse, so that it can be used to either verify or collect data, depending on specific business needs. Featured bar codes can be used to reward regular customers, understand buyer behavior and patterns across geographies, and plan future marketing efforts. Details pertaining to name and membership are useful while visiting a service center, attending special courses and classes, or even during spa visits.

4. Customer Interaction

Key Tag Design SamplesPrinting QSR codes on the reverse of key tags enable businesses to address specific queries from customers who choose to use them. These are ideally used for new product launches, discounts, special deals, seasonal sales, or even to keep customers informed on the latest news about the company and its offerings. Customers can simply scan these codes to get the featured details.

5. Frequent Updates

Keys tags are quick and cheap to produce. Design proofs are usually available the very same day. They, in fact, can shorten the duration of a marketing effort and generate leads faster - when done right. This enables businesses to continuously churn new, impressive, and personalized tags at regular intervals, to ensure that they are constantly noticed by existing and potential customers. Seasonal offers can be publicized with minimum effort. The same applies to niche marketing campaigns.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, it is worth noting that key tags are definitely easy to customize to suit specific business requirements. They can be used to literally market a variety of products, as well as make it easier for service providers to track their customers. Different styles and shapes are available, and businesses can even choose custom shapes for the tags crafted out of plastic.
Key tags work well, especially when paired with loyalty rewards and other incentives. Companies can, in fact, give away key tags in sets of two or three. This enables customers to share the tags with others, thereby earning businesses new customers in all likelihood. Giving them away often proves rewarding, especially for small retailers and self-employed professionals looking to market their services.
These tags also serve to support word-of-mouth marketing, as they can be presented instantly when customers share information with their friends or relatives.


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